Abilene Premier Eye Care Building Dedication

November 23, 2020

Today is a special day for us, for our practice.

Through all the blood, sweat, and tears of these past months this project survived and came alive!

There are so many of you that have been there for me with suggestions and advice, but mostly to remind me to BREATH along the way.  You all were right – it was a big task to undertake alone, and even more so during a pandemic.

This is truly a testimony of God’s deliverance through lessons of perseverance and resilience.  I am humbled and grateful. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you.

It all started with a dream that seemed unreachable in the beginning.  However, God always connects you with special people on your journey. I would like to acknowledge Dr. Fred White and Dani Ramsey along with Russell Guthrie for believing in my vision and helping to get the project off the ground.

To Tommy, our builder, for listening to on-going requests and always reminding me “that it will cost more money!”

To Denise, who patiently worked with Dad and Darren who drafted our plans.

To my extended family in Abilene:

Betty and Bill, my special neighbors and friends, your support and unconditional love were my rock during the hard days.

To my friends Darren and Sue – words cannot express my gratitude for all your help – always there for me, one call away to solve any challenge but mostly to remind me to BREATH.  Thank You for the beautiful art for our office.

Roxana for working into the late hours of the night for required reports to the bank.

For my Abilene Premier Eye Care A-Team who worked tirelessly to move the office in three days and get organized for operation the following Monday.

I cannot forget my sweet Neeca, my biggest cheerleader throughout the construction and who is now smiling down from above with my sweet Mom – Miss them dearly!

To my best friends, Evie and Cliff, the best pastor in Abilene, for encouraging me and having patience to hear my worries

…and so many others that helped us.




To my strong family, my Dad, my sister Chris and my brother Tony, and my dear Godchildren for your encouragement, from many miles away, that all will be well in the end.

And for Max, for teaching me how important small blessings are, like going for a walk at the end of a hard day.

Thirty-eight years ago, my brave parents defected from Romania to pursue the American dream for theirs kids, but mostly to live and experience Freedom in a new land.  They were real pioneers in their 50’s.

Two years later my sister and I joined them on November 17th, 1984, and started our new journey in America.  There were trials and tribulations, and many blessings along the way and many dreams…

Working with Dad on this project was healing and gave us the opportunity to spend lots of precious time together.  Dad, we are grateful and wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your gifts, knowledge, and skills with us and for creating a beautiful new office space for our practice so we can better serve our patients in our community.  Your determination to find a solution that was best suited for us is a testimony to your character.  We are honoring you by dedicating this building to You and Mom.

Cailyn, Alex, Zachary, and Lucas, I am so blessed to have you as part of this celebration and hope from the bottom of my heart that you are inspired to pursue your personal dreams whatever they are.  Even though they might seem unreachable when you start.

Cliff Stewart, my pastor, once told me, “even when you are afraid you have to have the strength to take that first step.  Do it afraid and trust in God that he will guide you along the way.”

Thank you for attending and sharing in this building dedication, given the pandemic and all of the complexities with social gathering, we are hoping to have an extensive gathering of celebration at the one year anniversary.

Anca Pacuraru, D.O.



The Blessing of Abilene Premier Eye Care

Cliff Stewart, Pastor

First Central Presbyterian Church – Abilene, Texas


We are gathered here this afternoon, filled with joy for Anca, her dedicated staff and this marvelous building.

We have watched a vision and dream take shape. Not only does this beautiful structure represent the accomplishments and success of Dr. Anca Pacuraru, but also the dedication and love of her father, Dan – who designed this spacious and functional building—attentive to every detail.

Together, Anca and Dan, have given of themselves and their expertise to create this ideal space for Abilene Premier Eye Care.  Situated on one of Abilene’s most traveled streets, Buffalo Gap Road, this new space offers optimum visibility and easy access for established patients and those who will come for the first time. 

We value this time to gather together to give thanks and ask for God’s continued blessing on Anca, her staff and her patients.



God of Welcome and Compassion, as we stand at the entrance of Abilene Premier Eye Care, we are mindful of those who will cross its threshold—some very old with failing eyesight, others bright-eyed and eager to watch their lives unfold. May each person who walks through this doorway do so with confidence that the care they will receive is second to none. Amen.


Ribbon Cutting and Thanksgiving